ExploGrow™ organic bio-fertiliser

A revolutionary, 100% bio-organic, polymicrobial liquid fertiliser. Reduce N-P-K fertilizer. Rehabilitate soil. Reduction in watering. Much larger crop yields. Increase your profit per hectare!

"The unique microbial composition places it in a league all of its own". Stephanus Malherbe, BSc, BSc Hons., MSc (Microbiology), Pr.Sci.Nat. (Agricultural Science).

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Case studies

Specialist Lucerne agriculturist's observations after applying ExploGrow™ to brackish soil resulting in stronger growth Read more

Growing Orange Tree Seedlings with the organic, poly-microbial liquid bio-fertiliser ExploGrow™, has already delivered remarkable preliminary results Read more

"The ExploGrow treated area produced 160% more watermelons by mass" Hendrik Putter, Watermelon farmer Read more

Mr Young’s report highlights some dramatic improvements in crop quality, yield, health and environmental observations after applying ExploGrow™ on Olive Tree Farm, specialising in tunnel and hydroponics production in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Read more

“Die area wat ek met ExploGrow™ behandel het, bereken in die totale massa produseer, het ongeveer 160% beter presteer as die onbehandelde waatlemoene.” Hendrik Putter Read more

The increased yield and price equates to a total increase of 75% value per hectare Read more

Why ExploGrow™?

Fully approved by The South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries represents a revolutionary 100% organic bio-fertiliser development, comprising 17 highly complex natural microbes and is an environmentally friendly soil ameliorant and plant growth stimulant, with increased soil microbial balance properties: contains no growth hormones and no genetically modified organisms.

Some of the benefits experienced by farmers:

The use of ExploGrow™ is cost neutral or better (increased profit per hectare)
Nutritious crops with higher (10% - over 20%) uplift in Brix (sugar) levels
Plant's root systems typically more than double in size
Reduction in use of chemical fertilizers (N-P-K by over 50%)
Much larger crop yields (in several cases over 100%)
Reduction in watering (by at least 20%)
Certified for organic production
Soil and plant health optimised

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Government Approved: ExploGrow™ is fully approved by The South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries. Reg. No. B4807. ExploGrow™ is also fully approved by The Namibian Ministry of Agriculture, Water & Forestry Reg. No. N-F 1005- ExploGrow

Authoritative Opinions

Eminent South African agricultural authorities have provided strong endorsement of ExploGrow™, led by Stephanus Malherbe, BSc, BSc Hons., MSc (Microbiology), Pr.Sci.Nat. (Agricultural Science).

More Value Per Hectare

“After applying ExploGrow™ to my Pecan Nut trees, I saw a total increase of 75% value per hectare.” John Pozyn (Pecan Nut farmer). Please refer to "case studies" for more.

The Prize: Double Yields!

Mark Young, BSc (farm manager of a farm specialising in irrigated tunnel production). "After two months of using ExploGrow™ (reducing chemical fertilizers by 75%), I have doubled my production."